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When is BTF 2020?

BTF 2020 has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working on new dates and will share that information as soon as possible!

Where is this year’s festival?

Because we are changing dates due to COVID-19 some venue information may change. We will update info when it is final.

Am I still in the festival now that it’s postponed?

YES. Every performer who was issued an acceptance to the original April festival is considered accepted for the new dates. When we have final information you will be given a chance to re-confirm your acceptance and availability. If you were accepted for one of the original dates but declined due to availability, you will be offered a chance to participate in a new time slot once that information becomes available.

I’m really disappointed I can’t come to the fest as an audience member!

You can still support our amazing performers! Many of them are producing digital content, and we’ll be sharing it via our social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram) to bring you some much needed entertainment during these trying times. If you can, please tip peformers via any venmo or cash app links they provide, because performing artists are struggling a lot with lost work and opportunities right now. If you can’t, just being an audience member is a good way to show your support!

Why the name change?

When we began the festival in 2015, we chose the name Bechdel Test Fest because our original mission was to increase the parity between women and men on stage. Our mission has evolved to be more inclusive, and now our name has too! We are now Be There Fest, or still BTF Philly for short.

What is the timeline for submissions?

Early-bird submissions opened on October 31st, 2019. The early bird application fee is $5 per act submitted. Beginning November 16th, a submission fee of $10 will apply. Submissions close on January 5th, and you will be notified of your act’s status by February 1st.

Do I need all my tech ready to go with my application?

Nope! The application form will just ask what tech needs you anticipate, so we can start planning. If your act is accepted to the festival, you’ll then receive a separate survey asking about your specific tech needs.

Are there gender requirements for acts? Can cis men submit acts? What if my act isn’t ALL women/nonbinary performers?

BTF welcomes any act that would like to submit. However, preference is given to acts featuring marginalized identities. The lineup is at the discretion of the planning committee.

What happens if I don’t have a video to submit with my group’s application?

You may submit if you don’t have a video; however, the organizers will give preference to teams that have submitted a video and/or have seen in person previously, so that we can make sure to program the best for the fest!

When is tech due?

We will issue a new tech deadline when new festival dates are announced.

When will the lineup be announced?

Once new dates are finalized, acts will be able to reconfirm their acceptance and availability. Once the lineup is finalized we will announce it shortly after.

Who is allowed to attend BTF 2020? Is there an age limit?

All ages are welcome to attend any venue that is all-ages, however, please be advised that comedic material is uncensored, and some material may be unsuitable for minors. Some BTF venues may be 21+ and require ID to enter.

Will there be alcohol?

Yes, there will be alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available for patrons over 21 for purchase at the venues that provide it. Must present valid ID, no exceptions!

Where does my money go?

Every year we donate some proceeds to charity. We also pay all of our performers: it’s not a lot, but we think it’s important that artists be compensated for their work. Finally, we reserve a little nest egg for next year’s fest, and pay the committee a small amount for all their hard work.

Got another question? Contact us and we’ll get back to you right away!

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